At SportsWest Construction, we have decades of experience installing custom fit volleyball courts. Our expert staff can help design a court made for you. Whether it’s for your home, a park, or a school, our Courtbuilders™ are here to bring your project to life, and get your volleyball games started.

Residential Courts

When you want to host a game of volleyball with your friends and neighbors, you want a court you can be proud of. With our customizable, top rated shock absorption surfaces, and professional looks, you will become the favorite hang out in town. Make playing volleyball more enjoyable by custom creating your court to fit your indoor or outdoor space

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Usc Volleyball Floor

Commercial Courts

When you play on our courts, you will understand why we are a leader in gymnasium flooring. Providing high-performance surfaces to your recreational or commercial area will ensure your players are solely thinking about their sport, and not the surface beneath them.