The experts at SportsWest Construction know how to approach any project. Our CourtBuilders™ can help you make the most of your home’s space, and offer a variety of solutions such as shooting courts or multi-game courts.

Surface solutions and construction to best fit your FaMILy’s needs.

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Home Gym

Backyard Game Court


Surfaces Options

With local Courtbuilders throughout the nation, we know what surface needs will be required for your area, and how to complete the installation quickly, easily, and successfully. SportsWest is here to make all your sporting dreams happen—let’s get started!

Surface Acrylic
Surface Turf
Surface Sand
Surface Rubber
Surface Modular
Surface Hardwood


Sport Court® Modular
Acrylic Racquet Surfaces
Cushioned Acrylic
NovaPro Turf (Tennis/Pickleball)
Athletic Turf
Putting Green Turf
Landscape Turf
Bocce Surfacing
Outdoor Beach Volleyball
And more!


Sport Court® Modular
Connor ® Hardwood Maple
Taraflex® Synthetic
Weightroom Flooring
Indoor Sand (Beach Volleyball)
Painted Acrylic Surfaces
Gerflor Products
And more!

Residential Home Gym

Become The Hangout House

This is about creating a space where your family and friends can play, train, and bond. Spend time playing multiple sports on the same low maintenance game court right in your backyard. Watch your kids grow up, play with friends, and take their athletic talents to the next level. We can design your court around your favorite sports, landscaping and budget.

Residential Accessories & Components

In addition to court installation, we also offer a variety of accessories and components for our residential courts, including:

  • Hoop Systems
  • Ball Containment
  • Rebounders
  • Multi-Purpose Net System
  • Portable Units (Pickleball/Basketball)
  • Batting Cages
  • Light Systems
  • Fencing
  • Accessories & Gear