SportsWest Construction and Sport Court® are dedicated to improving the lives of young people and promoting active lifestyles. That’s why we’ve designed professional quality courts that deliver years of safe play and low maintenance costs. You save money while your community enjoys the court.

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If racquet ball and tennis had a baby, it would be called, "Padel". Padel is a fast-paced game that uses the same scoring and balls as tennis, but with a solid racquet. The game is played in an enclosed court where the walls are used in game play.

Mini pitch

The Mini-Pitch System™ modular sports solution has an innovative, all-in-one design to help communities create fun and active play spaces by revitalizing public areas.
Complete Package, Convenient Assembly, Customizable Features

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For the avid weightlifter or the home gym, we offer recycled rubber sports flooring as a great multi-purpose, durable, all black or with color fleck surface in different thicknesses. This popular economic resilient floor has numerous applications in the sports flooring industry, for indoor or outdoor applications, and can be installed glued down or free-lay.

Court Enhancements

When you're looking to take your court to the next level, Court Enhancements are a great way to personalize your court or project.

Nipomo Trilogy Bocce Courts


In Ground Trampoline

In-Ground Trampolines

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Backyard Court Burgundy, Bright Blue, Shamrock Green


Hopscotch Options


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Chess & Checkers

San Diego Douglas

Batting Cages