With our comprehensive team, we can meet any of your sports surface needs and provide solutions for each step of the installation process.

SportsWest Construction works with several brand manufactures to provide you with quality court surfaces such as SportsWest Commercial specializes in commercial flooring across multiple industries; BeachCourt USA, which specializes in being the only national Beach Volleyball construction company in the industry; TD Sports Hoops, which specializes in retrofitting backyards and gymnasiums; Sport Court, which offers court surface installation options for all manner of needs and sports; and SWC Tennis & Pickleball.

When working with SportsWest, you can be confident that your project is in the most knowledgeable, expert hands in the industry.

Sport Court
SO CAL & West

Sport Court pioneered the concept of the modular outdoor game court in 1974. Since then, they have installed over 150 million square feet of Sport Court surfaces across the nation. Working with family and facilities, we build championship-caliber courts with the Sport Court surfaces.


SWC Commercial
Connor & Taraflex

SportsWest Commercial delivers the same level of quality courts regardless of industry or size. Low costs, easy maintenance, and unparalleled safety features are their specialty. Quality installations of indoor gym floors and outdoor champion level courts for churches, hospitals, schools, and corporations. Exceeding expectations and making long lasting flooring options for even the most demanding coaches, athletes, builders, architects, and facility owners. We take care of the details so that you can focus on the game.

BeachCourt USA

BeachCourt USA is paving the way for future Olympians to grow and practice in top-quality settings, from the grade of sand to the equipment itself. Casey Patterson, a 2016 Olympian, has been with BeachCourt USA from the start, and uses his experience from Championship and Olympic teams to set the standard for beach volleyball today.

St. Francis Burbank
Mayfield Cubs

TD Sports Hoops

TD Sports Hoops installs more than 500 basketball hoops every year. With more than 30 years of experience and dozens of installation mounts available, TD Sports Hoops is the place to go for any basketball hoop installation. We install any brand of Hoop, and cater to any need, commercial or residential.


Constructed with premium-quality sports fibers, Turf Courts can be installed in both residential and commercial locations. This court style works perfectly to blend your court into your landscaping. Common courts include grass fields, putting greens, and synthetic grass applications and have their speeds built to each player and homeowners preference. Choosing to install a Turf Court will be an investment for your future as well, as it will increase your property value in addition to the other many benefits.

Johnson Turf Court
Anaheim Jefferson Apartments Pickleball

SWC Tennis & Pickleball
(All tennis surface types)

SportsWest Construction Tennis & Pickleball is for residential or commercial locations and allows you to select custom options, such as material color and dimensions, and choose which elements your dream court needs.